State Purchase Contracts (SPCs) are standing offer agreements for Victorian government common use goods and services, which are established when value for money can best be achieved through aggregating demand.

The Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) through its Strategic Sourcing group, Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) or other government entities with specific knowledge and business drivers) are responsible as lead entities for the establishment and management of SPCs.

More information on individual SPCs can be obtained by clicking on the All Contracts menu.


- Click on the “Register menu”, fill in the form to create a new APPS.DTF Account.

- Once the registration form is completed, an email with a verification link will be emailed to you.

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- Once completed, click on the APPS.DTF Login link.

- Once logged in successfully on the New State Purchase Contracts Information System, click on “Register link” and fill in the SPC confidential information registration form and press the submit button.



- Click on the "Login" link.

- Click on the “All Contracts” menu, and select the contracts you wish to request access.

- Click on the “My Contracts” menu, to view the status of your requests.


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